Our Schedule

Our schedule, for the most part, is the same each day of the week.  There are special activities that we participate in such as PE, Computer, Library, Music, and Psychomotor during the week. Please refer to the Activity Schedule below for scheduled times of these activities.

Also, please note that each TUESDAY is a BANKED DAY which means that students are dismissed at 1:28pm.

Typical Day in Room 39
8:01-8:30       Morning Warm Up and Class Business

8:30-10:15       Mathematics Rotations Program
Includes review of previous concepts, math vocabulary, guided lesson, independent practice, differentiated activities and games

10:15-10:35      RECESS

10:35-12:15     English Language Arts Program
Includes writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading and responding through comprehension skills and strategies, fluency, literary elements and analysis, research and study skills, literature circles

12:15-1:00        LUNCH

1:00-2:00       Science or Social Studies /Health/Social Skills/Art/Other

2:00-2:29       Wrap Up: Clean Up, Homework, and Reflection

Room 39's Special Activity Schedule 

Monday -   8:15 - 8:45                 Library
                 10:40 - 11:10              P.E.
                 1:45 - 2:30                Computer Instruction

Wednesday - 11:00-11:30                  Music

Thursday - 8:10 - 9:10                 Psychomotor